Wolf Classic Cabinets

Wolf Classic Cabinets 

Wolf Classic Cabinets are expertly curated to provide styles, finishes, and features that give your kitchen the high-quality and function you expect. Wolf Classic cabinets are hand-crafted, combining generations of woodworking expertise with today’s latest manufacturing technologies. Solid hardwood components and a state-of-the-art finishing system produce a consistently beautiful and long-lasting appearance.


About Wolf Classic Cabinets 

Featuring solid components and a durable state of the art finish, Wolf Classic Cabinets offer great features at a lower cost than other cabinet lines of the same quality. Solid wood dovetail drawers and soft close drawers and doors are just a few of the benefits of this cabinet line. 


Wolf Classic Door Styles

View the different Door styles for this cabinet line below:

Berwyn Door Style Wolf Cabinets

View Berwyn door styles here

Dartmouth Door Style Wolf Cabinets

View Dartmouth door styles here

Hanover Door Style Wolf Cabinets

View Hanover door styles here

Hudson Door Style Wolf Cabinets

View Hudson door styles here

Saginaw Door Style Wolf Cabinets

View Saginaw door styles here

Somerset White Door Style Wolf Cabinets

View Somerset White door styles here

York White Door Style Wolf Cabinets

View York White door styles here

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